Flower Festival 2019 – “God’s Wonderful World” – a global warning.

Bewerley Grange Chapel 1494
Chapel interior
“Under the Sea” by Ann Kent
“God’s Wonderful World” by Marjorie Sexton
“Renewable Energy” by Christine Brackley
“Waste not want not” by Sue Mouser
“An ocean of plastic” by Rachel Joynson
“Life in the Trees” by Caroline Prince
“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” by Pam Sykes and Joan Blakey
“Drought ” by Judy Buller
“Without the bee – we cease to be” by Christine Ward
“Your Choice” by Barbara Poole
“Buy british, save air miles” by Doreen Prince
“Thrust into light the roots reach down,
their bleached fingers seeking earth
where rain still lingers.”
by Doreen Prince
“Plant a Tree” by Peter Brambleby

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