Bewerley Grange Chapel Flowers

Annual Flower Festival

Bewerley Grange Chapel dates from 1494 and was restored in 1965. The three day flower festival theme was “Beatrix Potter”. The displays, arranged by local people, illustrated well-known characters from the books.

Bewerley Grange Chapel

Beatrix Potter by Christine

Jemima Puddle Duck by Sherelle & Pam

Mr McGregor by Caroline

Peter Rabbit by Sue & Joan

Timmy Tiptoes by Marjorie

Squirrel Nutkins by Rachel


Mrs Tiggywinkle

Mr Jeremy Fisher by Judy

The Taylor of Gloucester by Margaret & Enid


Summerbridge Methodist Church

Art and craft exhibition in Summerbridge Methodist Church, Aug 27 10am to 4pm.

Display of works by members of the congregation and the local community. Displays included the results from two art workshops run by volunteers, on the theme of water, during the first week of the NiddArt Trail.

River of Life – Created at the beginning of the morning service by members of the Summerbridge congregation who then wrote prayers on the paper flowers, floated them on the water to create shape and added them to the river of life.

Workshop Some results from an abstract art workshop in mixed media for experienced and beginners, on the theme of water.

Children’s workshop. Combined artwork by primary age children on the theme of water.

Exhibition of art and craftworks by the local community.

Some of the paintings exhibited.

Painting by Mike Bailey  and painting by Sam Martin


Photograph by Zak and wood turned dish by Rowland Wilkinson


Collage of mixed media artwork by Jane Hinchliffe on her response, and societies response to depression.

Cushion by Joan Wilkinson, part of donated items for Yorkshire Air Ambulance


Middlesmoor local craftwork

Tea and Cakes

There is a warm welcome and refreshments in Middlesmoor Village Hall at the top of Nidderdale. A stunning location with views across and down the valley from the picturesque church.

Local hand made craftwork

Fred Stead – Wood crafts

Rebecca’s craftwork using recycled material

Shiela’s soft toys

Woolly Hats and Leg Warmers

Photographs for sale in aid of charity




Alice Clarke & Jake Clarke

Alice Clarke and Jake Clarke have their open studio Aug 25 to 26, 10am to 5pm, at Springhill Farm, Brimham Moor Road, Fellbeck, HG3 5EX

Alice Clarke Jewellery

Displayed in her spacious showroom adjacent to her workshop

Jake Clarke Paintings, charcoal and ink illustrations

Displayed upstairs in this new building are oil paintings and illustrations based on natural forms and landscapes.


Curlews at Gouthwaite Reservoir

An installation by Sue Harrsion on the viewing platform alongside the Gouthwaite reservoir across from the car park Aug 24 to 27, 10:30 to 4pm.

“Hanging by a Thread”, is a dramatic illustration of the wading birds of the Dales and their songs, to raise the issue of pressure from farming and climate fluctuations.

A sonogram on fabric on the bank of Gouthwaite Reservoir, representing the sound of bird song.

Three sonograms of the songs of endangered wading birds installed in the viewing area. It was too windy on the bank.

Fabric representation of endangered wading birds. Lapwings, Oystercatchers and a Redshank.

Embroidery of the regional names for the lapwing and a description of the  call and song of the Lapwing and the Redshank

A panoramic of the embroidered bird images, regional names and songs.

A telescope is available to see the local birds. You may see some lapwings.