NiddArt Trail 2019

The NiddArt Trail 2019 will run from August 16th to 26th.


Join us for a wealth of natural beauty and inspired art and craft-making. A brochure with map will be published by July 2019 and distributed to local libraries, tourist offices, participants and many shops, and will be listed on this website as soon as enough details are available.


If you would like to take part this year, please let us know your plans as soon as you can. We aim to have enough data to start compiling the brochure at the end of March so that we can publish the brochure earlier than previously. Please let us know of any new artists who want to take part or of any new locations.

We propose an optional theme of Leisure. The Nidderdale countryside is a leisure destination with attractive countryside, trees, plants, birds and animals. There are many leisure activities, including walking, sports, arts, crafts, social etc. It is a wide subject area but your own choices are just as welcome and add variety.

If you have some photographs of your work, we can include them in our web blog and share them on Facebook, with attribution.

NiddArt Trail details

If you are new to the NiddArt Trail, details of the 2018 participants are still on the website and the 2018 brochure, trail map, end of trail report are on the download page and there is a photo blog of 28 of the 40 locations.


Please send a message on the contact page.