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Pateley Bridge

A fleeting moment - Justin Grimaldi
A fleeting moment - Justin Grimaldi

Justin Grimaldi

Studied textile design at the High Wycombe School of Art and Design (1970-1972).
Subsequent to this, I worked in a Screen Printing Studio and produced screen prints for The Royal Shakespeare company, TV and films, including ‘TOMMY’ staring ‘The Who’. This was followed by a further period of study (1975-1978), at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford.
For many years, I earned my living in the South of England, mainly from commissions, restoration work and teaching.
In 1996 I came to Yorkshire on a visit and never left. Since then I have exhibited locally in Harrogate, Ilkley, Gargrave, ‘The Art in the Pen‘, Skipton and Pateley Bridge, as part of The Nidderdale Art Trail.
I work in various media, including; wood, metal, oils, acrylics, watercolour and pastels. My work includes abstract expressionist landscapes (inspired by the Nidderdale countryside), figurative work and still lives. At present, I am experimenting with various metals as a medium. The sheets of metal are treated with acid, etched and drawn into. The works are then left outside to weather. After various lengths of time they are brought back into the studio to be worked on again.

Jacqui Galloway

I have been making textiles for the past 20 years, drawing my inspiration from the textural nature of the Yorkshire countryside. Most of my work involves the use of recycled materials, either, found, given or sourced from local Charity Shops. I love combining unlikely materials and found objects. I employ various techniques, in my work, such as, embroidery (hand and free machine), embellishing, pulled threadwork, crochet, rag rugging and knitting, often, all in one piece. I also produce a selection of knitwear and crochet items, sometimes working to commission. I also love to teach, as I am passionate about keeping the ‘old skills’ alive.

Spiral Fern unfurling - Jacqui Galloway
Spiral Fern unfurling - Jacqui Galloway

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