Lofthouse Bandroom

The Lofthouse art group opened the bandroom in the upper Nidderdale’s village to show members’ art and craft works during part of August. They have a page in the trail with the work of some members.

Briggate Art Studios

Fiona Odle & Shirley Hudson exhibited their artworks on their first NiddArt Trail in their new workshops and studios. They will be launching their Grand Opening on October 26th to 30th, 2020.Contact details

Covid Diary

Penny Riley-Smith is creating a diary in glass showing how she feels about aspects of the pandemic during 2020. The artworks, in transparent and opaque glass represent, in symbols and colours, events from January to July and are described on her Covid Diary page on the NiddArt Trail – see online page > Covid Diary […]

Summerbridge Display

Summerbridge Methodist Church has taken up the ‘Woodlands’ theme in the large striking banners by their artists displayed on the church wall for all to see. Images are also on their NiddArt Trail online web page.

Joseph Hayton new studio

Joseph Hayton, the sculptor, is preparing his larger workshop in the King Street Workshops, Pateley Bridge. Visitors can still see his work Tuesday to Saturday.Moxon & Simm, jewellers and Fiona Mazza, ceramics who are on the trail are in nearby workshops.

NiddArt Trail Online

The NiddArt Trail for 2020 is now an online display in August showing images from over 50 local artists, craftspeople and galleries of Nidderdale and surrounding areas. Many will have further work displayed on their linked websites and social media.