White Vision Arts

Both our works are mainly digital photography based, specialising in manipulation of visual elements from separate sources and media into composite images, to create pieces of art that are thought provoking, inspiring, a comment on social issues, moods and feelings, and reflective of the world we encounter around us. KB’s artwork incorporates nature and animals, into human social scenarios, to convey a message, or simply to ask a question, or provoke thought. She loves to take photographs and work them together to create her designs. BK’s pieces lean more towards an industrial or historical angle, but his have the same aim, to provoke thought and feeling, using similar techniques to KB.

Caroline Miekina

Caroline Miekina illustrator and designer I began illustrating and designing in the days when we illustrators and designers drew with pens and pencils and coloured in with markers, paint and crayons. After taking the digital leap I now enjoy mixing the traditional with the digital and getting the best of both worlds. I like a lot of variety in my commercial work and I enjoy working in a variety of styles using a variety of media for a variety of clients needing a variety of outcomes. I’m based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. In my many long years of illustrating I’ve worked on everything from Smarties selection boxes to operative technique for surgeons. It’s been a very interesting career path. I’m also senior lecturer on the MA in Creative Practice and Foundation Degrees in Art, and Graphics and Illustration courses at Harrogate College and Senior Interpretive Designer with JANVS|VIDAR working on museums and heritage projects at home and overseas. My personal creative interest is in the local history and environment of Knaresborough particularly the enchanting woods at Birkham on the banks of the Nidd. I love to spend time there sketching the changing moods of the woodland over the seasons and becoming absorbed in the detail of natural forms.