James Owen Thomas

In my art I am highlighting issues about the environment and single use products as I turn things discarded by others into a medium for expression. For me the starting point of this whole process is to collect and organise into a manageable form all the many pieces of recycled materials I work with. I enjoy creating order out of disorder! Over recent years I have mainly worked with scratch cards but will also consider other materials. Old tickets, leaflets, product packaging and fabrics can be recycled into commissioned art pieces. The art I create has all been made from recycled items – from the canvases I buy second-hand to the materials I use to collage onto the canvases. The sorting, tearing, cutting and hole-punching of scratch cards provides my colour palette. It could be termed Environmental Art. If what I can do will encourage and inspire people to re-use and recycle, then hopefully we can look forward to a more environmentally-friendly future. I am pleased that recently I have been asked to become an ambassador for the Tree Council, London. They like my form of art and understand that I have strong views about the environment.