Knaresborough Photography

I am an amateur photographer based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.
The majority of my photography showcases my beautiful hometown but I also take photographs around the whole of Yorkshire, the UK and beyond!
All of my photographs are available for sale to order as canvases or framed prints.
I also produce a range of mounted prints, cards and postcards all available through my website store or social media pages.

Nidderdale Stitchers

We are a new embroidery/stitch and textile group, who hopefully will be meeting one Saturday a month in the Pateley Bridge Methodist Church as from October. Obviously, this will be organised within the COVID restrictions at that given time and all necessary precautions will be taken.  We are a members group which will be run by members, for the members.  We will have various workshops covering many different techniques and some sessions will be purely social stitching events, passing on ideas and different ways that simple stitches can be used.  Our overall aim is to be a fully inclusive group sharing ideas and covering as many different stitch techniques as possible.

The following are examples of some of our existing members previous work but please don’t forget, we all have to start somewhere, and it is amazing how just simple stitches can look so beautiful with a little bit of colour added to them!

Once we are able to make plans there will be publicity in and around Nidderdale and in the local newspaper. So please watch out for this and come and join us, we are a fairly small friendly group and would love to see faces old and new in following our journey of stitching!

Fiona Odle

Fiona was born in St Andrews, Scotland, but was raised beside the River Nidd in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire where she now resides with her husband, James. She studied a BA (Hons) in Art & Design at Leeds Metropolitan University and graduated in 2000 and then an Adult Teaching Certificate the year after. Now Fiona paints from her studio in Knaresborough where she also runs art workshops (Chameleon Creative Arts).

Ken Hughes

I am 74 years old, married for 51 years to Patricia with one daughter Sarah who is also artistic. Have had no formal training even though I from quite young have always sketched, then in my teens started painting. Have relied on photographs for my material and copied a wide range of subjects from portraits, animals, landscapes, still life even reproducing copies of paintings by Toulouse Lautrec. Renoir, Turner as well as cartoon and caricature characters. Had a picture entered by my primary school into a Town Hall Exhibition when I was a pupil and in my teens and early twenties painted commissions for family/friends and work colleagues. Most of them told me that I should be doing that for a living even though they didn’t provide me with the means to do so from the payment for their commissions. My artwork has since then suffered due to a mixture of career, family life and other interests and I have only given it more time since finally retiring only relatively recently. I am hoping to make up for lost time and would still like to make a small mark in the Art community.

White Vision Arts

Both our works are mainly digital photography based, specialising in manipulation of visual elements from separate sources and media into composite images, to create pieces of art that are thought provoking, inspiring, a comment on social issues, moods and feelings, and reflective of the world we encounter around us. KB’s artwork incorporates nature and animals, into human social scenarios, to convey a message, or simply to ask a question, or provoke thought. She loves to take photographs and work them together to create her designs. BK’s pieces lean more towards an industrial or historical angle, but his have the same aim, to provoke thought and feeling, using similar techniques to KB.

Rob Howard

Since exhibiting on the Nidd Art Trail last year I have continued to paint outdoors locally, as much as I could given the COVID restrictions. This has included regular painting trips in the valleys of the Nidd, Skell and Ure. I have painted more landscapes and less woodland scenes this year; probably because I am craving wider landscapes after being stuck at home for so long! I hope you like my latest work; they are all framed and available for sale.

Pateley Bridge Art Club

Pateley Bridge Art Club in Nidderdale is a well established group providing members of the local community with the opportunity to make and view artwork.

In normal times we have monthly group meetings with professional speakers, demonstrators and workshops for members to learn about the techniques and craft of making art. Practical sessions include monthly sketching days out and a monthly painting/sketching programme of subjects with photographic references. We also invite professional artists to run one day workshops for small groups of members focusing on their chosen areas of particular interest. Members are encouraged to share their work on the web blog and in the monthly Newsletter.

Two exhibitions each year provide members with the opportunity to share their achievements with the local community and for them to present their work in a more formal environment. This also attracts new and interested people to our club.

The Gallery displays a selection of works exhibited by members in recent years.

Lori Hanson

Peonies - Lori Hanson

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” -VG This quote sums up who I am as an artist. If I create beautiful paintings, but do not continue to grow in loving others then it is all meaningless. I’ve certainly not mastered this, but continue to grow in this area of my life. One way I chose to express that love is by carefully listening to the customer’s heart and helping to map out a personal and meaningful piece of art that will transform their home. Beautiful colour combinations is one of my greatest interests in art. Many times I find myself crying over the symphony of colours that I find in nature, and this is one of my inspirations. I’m also inspired by raw emotions, nature, hope, truth, beauty, design, and stories of transformations. I enjoy expressing emotions onto canvas and creating art that awakens the spirit. I paint in the timeless and beautiful style of impressionism. Lori was born and raised in the United States; now a resident in North Yorkshire with her husband who is a dual citizen with his mother being a Yorkshire Lass.

Karan McGrath

I live in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, and love to paint in my spare time. I loved sketching as a child but did not start painting until around 2008 when I joined a local botanical painting group. It was there that I learned basics such as composition and tone and where I was inspired to continue creating artwork. I started with painting flowers but now I paint what interests me using my own photographic reference from trips out and about around Yorkshire. My artwork is expressive and colourful, I am very hands on, often applying or spreading paint with my fingers and I love the sticking and gluing of different materials in my mixed media work. I am a member of 2 local art clubs and I exhibit and sell my paintings at their art exhibitions and also at other open local art exhibitions.