Alice Clarke & Jake Clarke

Alice Clarke and Jake Clarke have their open studio Aug 25 to 26, 10am to 5pm, at Springhill Farm, Brimham Moor Road, Fellbeck, HG3 5EX

Alice Clarke Jewellery

Displayed in her spacious showroom adjacent to her workshop

Jake Clarke Paintings, charcoal and ink illustrations

Displayed upstairs in this new building are oil paintings and illustrations based on natural forms and landscapes.


Curlews at Gouthwaite Reservoir

An installation by Sue Harrsion on the viewing platform alongside the Gouthwaite reservoir across from the car park Aug 24 to 27, 10:30 to 4pm.

“Hanging by a Thread”, is a dramatic illustration of the wading birds of the Dales and their songs, to raise the issue of pressure from farming and climate fluctuations.

A sonogram on fabric on the bank of Gouthwaite Reservoir, representing the sound of bird song.

Three sonograms of the songs of endangered wading birds installed in the viewing area. It was too windy on the bank.

Fabric representation of endangered wading birds. Lapwings, Oystercatchers and a Redshank.

Embroidery of the regional names for the lapwing and a description of the  call and song of the Lapwing and the Redshank

A panoramic of the embroidered bird images, regional names and songs.

A telescope is available to see the local birds. You may see some lapwings.



Meet the artists in Blubberhouses

On Sunday & Monday 26th & 27th at 2:30pm, some of the artists will be in Blubberhouses church and happy to talk about their techniques. Find out how they produce the stunning effects in their own media. Come along to view and ask all the questions you want!

Jane Carlise Bellerby – Silk art, mixed media paintings and cards to help WaterAid.
Paul Howell – Landscape photography of views seldom seen across the moors and Dales.
Brian Hindmarch – Printmaker, etchings created on location in the Dales.
William Watson West – Silk textiles and prints based on landscapes, flora and fauna.
Duncan Clayton – Woodcrafts including pyrography and painting.
Dorothy Cannon – Acrylic paintings.

Jane Carlisle Bellerby, silk art

Paul Howell, Bowerdale, photography

Duncan Clayton, woodcraft & painting 

Brian Hindmarsh, printmaker.

William Watson West, textiles and paintings

Tea, coffee and cake available.